Got me some new wheels . . .

Main gear, speed brake, wheels brake lines, lotso bux.

Still on the spit from chapter 7 I did as many of the LG glass reinforcements as I could. I measured the final width (after all the layups) between the aft and forward LG bulkheads. I came in at 7.75" +/- .05". I may need to modify the tube that goes through the LG hoop tabs slightly, as I understand the fit of the tube to the LG bulkheads needs to be a 'machine' fit (snug, no slop). The picture shows three or four of the big ones. All were done between two sheets of poly on the build table, cut to size, then fit and folded (with the poly still on both sides) to fit. Only then did I remove the poly from one side and work out the bubbles. Most of them anyway. You can see a long vertical one at the tape from an earlier chapter. I filled it from the top with epoxy in the syringe, and an 18ga needle, with heat from the hair dryer.