Chapter 8, my head hurts...

Seat belt attach, headrest, aft heat duct.

I figured as long as the tub was on the spit, some (all?) of this chapter should be tackled too. The outside seatbelt attach hardpoints went in before I glassed the outside of the tub (previous chapter), I felt it made for a slightly stronger outer skin. Drill the brackets, use them to drill the plywood pads, use them to drill through the longerons, flox the pads in. Glass the next day. Drill through the glass from the outside, ooger the recess for the screw heads, butter up the screws with wet flox. Using the brackets, add hardware store fine thread nuts to draw the bolts up good and snug until the flox cures. Fill the oogered divot with dry micro, glass the bottom as normal.