Like motorcycles aren't enough . . .

So let's see. . .

Fuel burn
  SR-20 156 knots 10.5 gal/hr 930 lbs 882 nm $250,000
  Cozy MK-IV 160 knots (econ) 7.2 gal/hr ~950 lbs 1000+ nm ~$50,000
(O-360, VFR panel)
. . . and I :
  • can pack in as much shampoo and bottled water as I want.
  • don't have to take my shoes off for the TSA baboons, nor have my nads scanned.
  • can build it in my basement like the guy who built the boat before me. . .

Aug, 2010 Chapter 20, Winglets started.

June-Aug, 2010 Chapter 19, second wing :)

01-Jan-10 Chapter 19, wings. At least the right one...

09-Jan-09 Chapter 10, canard contours and shear web.

15-Dec-08 Chapter 10, canard/elevator foam planiforms.

12-Sep-08 Chapter 10, canard/elevator templates and metal bits.

3-Jul-08 Chapter 14 started. 01-Aug-08, Done!

27-Mar-08 Chapter 7 (and some of chapter 8 and 9) complete :)

14-Mar-08 Contour top longerons

1-Mar-08 Speed brake depression, antennas in the ventral area.

28-Feb-08 NACA scoop shaped, working on side foam shaping.

6-Feb-08 Making up the bottom foam.

24-Jan-08 Finishing up the tapes in chapter 6 prior to turning the fuse bottom up.

19-Jan-08 Glued the bulkheads to the sides, chapter 6.

08-Jan-08 Fuselage sides in the jigs.

1-Oct-07 I attended Rough River for the second time. Seeing all the builders and planes really gets a person motivated, at least it did for me. Stopped by Wicks Aircraft on my motorcycle on the way back, picked up two gallons of Pro-Set (with hardener). They were a bit amazed... on the bike and all. I hit the semi-magic 150,000 miles on the bike on the way home too.